At Alliance Mutual Escrow, we understand the escrow process is not the most exciting but it’s certainly one of the most necessary. Escrow allows buyers and sellers to transact through a neutral, third party, therefore minimizing risk and maximizing security. Overseen by an escrow officer, the buyer and seller establish terms and conditions for the transfer of property ownership. We pride ourselves in our ability to offer the highest level of knowledge and expertise in assisting such a
life changing experience.

Your assets & Your experience are our top priorities.

Escrow Secured & Simplified.

We Ensure Security

Because the fundamental purpose of escrow is SECURITY after all.

We also carry cyber insurance – something uncommon in the escrow world. The importance of cyber security is vital amid the escrow process to protect against monetary loss in the event of a wire hack. We also utilize a secured email to transmit private information to prevent data breaches. 

The fundamental purpose of escrow is SECURITY and we consistently take the necessary steps to ensure your assets are safe. Human touch and verbal communication go a long way in enforcing the
protection and security of our clients’ private assets. We require some, if not all, of our communication to be over-the-phone or in-person, greatly reducing the risk of fraudulent activity.

Even more security...

We Enforce an Internal 3-Step Verification Process

•  Documents signed in the presence of a notary
 • Over-the-phone, verbal verification
 • A second escrow officer must review and cross check signed

We Feature Stellar In-House IT Services

Also unique in the escrow world, is our in-house IT Department. Constantly cleaning and reviewing our systems and offering incredible responsiveness to client needs. They are second to none!

We strive to go above and beyond to create an enjoyable, stress-free experience for each and every client. Our services are specialized to you and we want to ensure the safety and security of you and your home.